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BLF278 300W FM Pallet Amplifier

Designed for FM radio transmitters, this amplifier incorporates microstrip technology and MOSFET transistor to enhance ruggedness and reliability.

  • 86-110MHz
  • 48 Volts
  • Input/Output 50 ohms
  • Pout 300W with a 2.5 to 3 watt input.

  • Minimum 1dB compression point is 330W at 108MHz, 350W minimum at lower frequencies.
  • 19dB gain minimum 20dB typical
  • Low distortion Class B push-pull.
  • Compact size; LxWxH 4.0 x 2.0 x 1.5 inches

  • 300W minimum. This part will easily exceed 330W but we do not recommended operation above the Philips 300W specification.
  • Please download the amplifier data sheet in PDF format (285kb). The data sheet contains detailed performance information and more pictures.
  • Quick facts about current draw: For 250 watts current draw is just over 8 amps @ 48V for any frequency in the FM Band. Current draw increases to 9.6 amps at 300 watts out.
  • Each pallet amplifier we sell is designed and tested on an HP 8753 vector network analyzer for maximum performance.
  • Our amplifier products are manufactured using an automatic surface mount assembly process.
  • This pallet is optimized for 48 volt operation. Using a lower voltage will result in poor efficiency and significantly lower output power but operation at 28V is possible. Operating at low voltage will make the amplifier indestructible to high SWR conditions. This amp will make 125 watts on 28V with 3 watts input.
  • This pallet is intended for use in 50 ohm systems only.
  • We sell a high quality 500 watt low pass filter for FM broadcast applications.

BC FM850 CP Antenna


The model CL850 is a low cost stackable dipole antenna with Type "N" RF connector.

These antennas must be tuned by the end user at the installation site. We do not offer "pre-tuning" services.

Antennas ship in a 24 x 12 x 8 box which is 14LBS dimensional weight per FED-EX formulas.


This amplifier module is ideal for final

output stages in analog and digital TV

broadcast equipment.

• 470– 860MHz

• 50 Volts

• Pout: 800W Peak Sync analog**

• 350W 8VSB digital

• 240W DVB digital

• Thermal Tracking Bias

• Copper Alloy 145 ¼ in. base plate

• BLF888A NXP Devices• 470– 860MHz

1500W FM Harmonic Absorbing Low Pass Filter


All RF amplifiers will "react" in some way when a low pass filter is attached. This reaction is mainly caused by reflected harmonics. All

RF amplifers generate harmonics. When a low pass filter is attached to the amplifer most of the harmonic energy is reflected back to the transistor causing reduced efficency and output power. The transistor will also run hotter.

The new LDMOS transistors have higher gain at high frequencies ; therefore, they are more sensitive to the reflections from the low pass filter. For this reason we have developed a state of the art low pass filter to match the state of the art transistors. This filter terminates all harmonics up to 550MHz with a 50 ohm 250W termination. This filter will improve the performance of all FM amplifiers.

This low pass filter is designed for use with the BLF574 600W, BLF178P 900W and BLF178XR 900W FM Pallets only; however, our standard low pass filters also work well.

Technical specifications:

  • Silver Plated #8 AWG inductors.
  • Teflon circuit board.
  • 0.1dB Insertion loss typical.
  • 30dB Return loss typical in FM Band 87.5 to 108MHz
  • 1/4 inch aluminum base.
  • 3 inch x 6 inch size.
  • -10dB return loss typical 176 - 550MHz in harmonic terminated side.

BLF574 600W FM Pallet Amplifier

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BLF278 600W FM Pallet Amplifier

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BLF178XR 900W FM Pallet Amplifier

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