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Now that Dat7’s Verdict studio album is available online i can post 3 songs of the album to give you a taste of what you will get when you get your copy online today.

Mwen decide mete 3 mizik pou fanatik yo ka tande toujou avan ke yo achte albòm nan sou entènet la

Meen fè cha 3 mizik sa yo akoz de jan jounalis ak moun ki te la nan “ Album Listening “ nan te resevwa mizik sa yo.

Nan 3 mizik sa yo Olivier chante 2 ki se “ Jwe Wòl Ou ak Why ‘ epi T-Tambour chante yon “ Experience”.

Gen lot 8 most mizen ki sou albòm nan e mwen ankouraj fanatik ak piblik la pou nou achte albòm pa nou an sou CdBaby ” PEZE LA POU “W ACHTE ALBOM NAN ”

Here is the AUDIO INTERVIEW that STEEVE KHE had with our friends at MARDI ALTERNATIVE in Haiti.

With HARMONIK celebrating their 7th year in the business this weekend; KM spoke to group leader/maestro NICKENSON PRUDHOMME about.....

1) The 3 keywords that have contributed to Harmonik lasting 7 years so far in the business?

NICK: "Different, exceptional, chemistry!"

2) 3 Biggest Harmonik HITS in your opinion in the 7 year existence of the group?

NICK: "For me the biggest Harmonik hits so far in our 7 years are "Jere m", "Obsede" and "Mwen Bouke"."

4) YOUR personal favorite HARMONIK cd...tell us why?

NICK: "All of them because each of them have their own flavor."

5) Name 1 HARMONIK song that you are surprised did NOT become a major hit?

NICK: "MORE THAN ENOUGH" and some more."

6) Name a HARMONIK song that you are surprised became a hit?

NICK: "The song that I am most surprised about would be Obsede. When we did the song, it was done so carelessly which to my surprise became a big hit."

7) The current active band NOT named HARMONIK; whose music you enjoy listening to THE MOST. I only need “1” band…NOT MORE! Tell us why.

NICK: "Well personally I am an old school lover. Although it's not an active band, the band that I listen to the most is Freres DeJean. Mizen Mizik also. You have my back up against the wall. It's a tough question to answer since I enjoy old school music. My ACTIVE band would be TROPICANA.

8 ) The current active band besides HARMONIK who you enjoy watching perform/playing LIVE?

NICK: "I love watching Carimi, Kreyol la and T-vice perform. If you are insisting on 1 band, I'd have to say CARIMI."

9) The Musician from another group that NICKENSON is the coolest (Best friends) with in terms of friendship….1 person

NICK: "I'm unable to answer that question because I have many good friends in each band. I am a people's person."

10) The most important HARMONIK musician that is NOT named PRUDHOMME SOLON or TALON whose had the most impact in the band during your 7 years.....has to be part of the musical lineup/group?

NICK: "If I have to say someone, it would be "KB" Jean Robert Charles the percussionist. He's been there since day one. He's a killer on stage and very cool dude."

11) Any musicians you ever regret being part of HARMONIK?

NICK: "I have one but I will keep it to myself."

12) The best piece of advice about HARMONIK that you ever got from ANOTHER MUSICIAN of another band came from “WHO”?

NICK: "That person is not in a active band now but he's like my little brother. He's always there for me in any situation ...Dener Ceide."

13) Which NICKENSON do you believe brought more fans to HARMONIK at the beginning of the band’s journey? NICKY “ZENGLEN”, or NICKY “1ere Danse” solo?

NICK: "I would say more Nickenson "PREMIERE DANCE".

14) Your PERSONAL FAVORITE SONG that you’ve written for HARMONIK so far is...

NICK: "My personal favorite song that I've composed in Harmonik is "SA PA BON". The fact that the message was really powerful. And thanks to Dener Ceide who did a marvelous job on helping me with the lyrics and arrangements on it 🙌🏾."

15) The IMPRESSION of Nick out there that you hear the most from people that’s NOT true is “What”? Kisa ou tande deyo a ANPIL a propos de NICK en terme de PERSONALITE ou ki PA VRE….ONLY 1 example…kisa li ye?

NICK: "Yo konn di mwen peu moun. Gen yon gran Diferans ant pè e respekte. They say that I am scared of people, but there is a huge difference between being afraid and being respectful."

16) Any other names KI TE NAN BATAY besides HARMONIK when you were going over the possible names for the group that you remember?

NICK: "Lol I remember one of came with SWITCH. And remember you are the one who advised me with the name HARMONIK. Fans yo bezwen konnen sa tou 🙌🏾"

17) If at the beginning of your Harmonik journey, someone would have told you that your band would still be here after 7 years…would you have taken the bet or no?

NICK: "Yes I would have taken that bet. The purpose was to be a part of a band that would have stability and longevity in the business."


Miami's Kompa Band "5 Etwal" anounced new Management team....

“G5 Entertainment Group takes the reigns as 5Etwal’s new management team”

September 22, 2015 – Miami, Fl. – G5 Entertainment Group is proud to announce that the group 5 Etwal is now under new management. Joseph Gousman and Chenet Nerette are at the helm of this new change and are excited about the future.

As a well-established singing group in the Haitian Music Industry since 2009, 5 Etwal has produced two albums and have toured extensively while continuing to share Haitian Compas music with their fans.

General Manager Joseph Gousman, better known as Gousse, is one of Miami’s top radio personalities and hosts whose musical expertise will bring a brighter managerial aspect to the group.

Assistant Manager Chenet Nerette is best known as one of the hardest working radio personalities in Atlanta, whose energy and enthusiasm will help propel the group. “G5 Entertainment is committed to promoting Haitian music and we are excited about the endless possibilities as 5Etwal’s new management,” says Mr. Nerette.

From here on in, any bookings and appearances pertaining to 5Etwal should be addressed to the G5 Entertainment Group management team by calling 786-306-6835 or 617-785-6928.